Included in our monthly lawn contract:

  1. MOWING – All lawn areas are to be mowed weekly during growing season – as needed during off-season. Noticeable clippings on turf areas shall be removed.
  2. EDGING – Lawn perimeter along curbs, walks, and retainer walls shall be edged to maintain a crisp, clean appearance. Cleanup whall include removing grass clipping from walks, curbs, paving and engtryways.
  3. WEEDEATING – Grass around fence and building lines, trees and posts shall be cut.
  4. FERTILIZING AND LAWN WEED CONTROL – Lawn and beds shall be fertilized during the growing season according (7 rounds in 12 months). A calendar will be sent out with the contract.
  5. SHRUB TRIMMING – Shrub edges, groundcovers and sculptured shrubs and vines shall be pruned according to recommended horticulture practices to maintain a clean, attractive appearance.
  6. BED WEED CONTROL – Weed and grass control in beds shall include hand pulling. Bermuda Grass in beds sprayed with Roundup and Nut Grass sprayed with Manage to kill it.
  7. DEBRIS DISPOSAL – All litter and debris created by the processes will be bagged and transported away from the site.
  8. PARKING AREAS – Police parking area for weeds and trash cleanup.
  9. SEASONAL PLANTING – Can be installed two times a year, at an additional clost of $35.00/flat. We recommend whatever is takes to make the landscape beds look top notch; one time in May, preferably Linnear Zinnias or Begonias; and one time in October, preferably Pansies (includes a 19-13-6) color blend fertilizer.
  10. CEDAR MULCH – Can be isntalled for $9.00/cu. bag at least one time a year or as needed. Approximately 2 cu. bags can be installed in all highly visable landscape beds and around every tree or crepe myrtle located on the property. **A tree with mulch around the bottom tends to grow three times the growth, in one year, verses a tree without any mulch at all. The mulch keeps the soil 20 degrees cooler than the regular soil temperature allowing the tree to keep moisture around at all times.

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